Where to See the Best Arts in Cambridge

For centuries, Cambridge has been a place of pilgrimage for scholars and artists from around the world. Thanks to its rich history, the city is now a cultural hotspot that is packed full of artistic treasures & best arts in Cambridge.

Whether you’re a collector, an artist or just an enthusiast, Clayton Hotel Cambridge not only has one of the best restaurants in Cambridge but is also located close to the city’s best galleries and museums. Here are the must-see spots to see best arts in Cambridge during your stay.

Cambridge Contemporary Art
Trinity Street, Cambridge

Whether you’re an art collector or just a homeowner looking for a painting to put up in the living room, Cambridge Contemporary Art is definitely worth the trip before some afternoon at Clayton Hotel Cambridge. It is a shop and gallery that showcases a wonderful selection of handmade art and paintings. As you browse, you’ll also find plenty of unique prints, sculptures and crafts. Even if you’re not looking to buy anything, the warm and welcoming gallery is a great place to spend an afternoon browsing and meeting fellow art lovers.

Byard Art
King’s Parade, Cambridge

Make your way through the beautiful grounds of King’s College and after exploring the historic site, head over to King’s Parade for a chance to see some of the best art that Cambridge has to offer. Byard Art has been a popular gallery and dealer for decades and is a must-see place if you enjoy contemporary art. The sleek, golden signage sets a precedent for what to expect inside. The collection won’t disappoint. With a wide collection of paintings, prints and sculptures, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Fitzwilliam Museum
Trumpington Street, Cambridge

If you’re an art lover, your trip to Cambridge wouldn’t be complete without visiting the city’s most iconic institutions. The Fitzwilliam Museum is the official art and antique museum of the University of Cambridge and showcases a huge range of artefacts, paintings, statues and other treasures. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy anything from this particular institution but that doesn’t stop you from browsing the many exhibits and discovering artwork from a range of famous artists including Da Vinci. If you’re travelling with the kids, be sure to take them along so they can learn more about the history of art.

Kettle’s Yard
Castle Street, Cambridge

This quaint little house may not look like much from the outside but as you step inside, you’ll be transported into a world of art and creativity. The gallery was founded by Andrew Nairne, the art director at the University of Cambridge. For year’s Kettle’s Yard has been a popular place for art collectors and enthusiasts but recently got an upgrade in February that has made it even better. The space has been increased which has allowed the collection to be expanded significantly. Be sure to check it out on your trip to Cambridge.

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