What to Do When You Have 3 or More Days in Cambridge

It’s always a great feeling to know you have the time to explore a holiday destination thoroughly. One or two days is never enough to fit in everything you want to see and see, and you inevitably end up ruing not seeing this sight or that attraction. Having a little more time means having the opportunity to explore – in full – everything Cambridge has to offer.

So, if you have three or more days at Clayton Hotel Cambridge, read on for some awesome days out and things to do.

Hamerton Zoo Park

One of the best zoos in its part of the country, Hamerton Zoo Park is less than an hour’s drive from your Cambridge accommodation and definitely a place to work into your visit.

The zoo has a wide array of creatures in spacious, well-designed enclosures, from the smallest of meerkats to the very large tigers and cheetahs. The group of raccoons tends to be a visitor favourite but remember to show some love to the often-maligned vultures that also called Hamerton home. Alongside this, there are also café and food facilities on-site, and play areas for children.

Hyenas, exotic birds, ocelots and much more are can be seen too, and the park is an active part of species conservation efforts. It’s an awesome day out and well worth the effort.

Chauffeured Punting

One of the most famous things about Cambridge is its wonderful waterways, and you can get chauffer treatment as you explore them. Even better, at the journey’s end, you’re perfectly placed to visit some of the best restaurants in Cambridge.

Offered by Let’s Go Punting! the chauffeured punting tours are not only a delightful way to experience authentic punting but are also filled with insight and historical facts about the various landmarks you will pass.

The guided tour takes you along the famous ‘Cambridge Backs’, exploring the most beautiful and historically significant parts of the many Cambridge colleges. At the same time, it’s a relaxing, sleepy way to see Cambridge from a totally unique perspective. It wouldn’t be a visit to Cambridge without a punt, so climb on board and enjoy.

Cambridge Walking Tour

Offered by the Cambridge Alumni Tours company, these walking tours offer an expert, deep insight into the most famous parts of Cambridge University.

Covering the various ancient colleges that make up the university, you’ll be treated to inside information from tour guides who actually attended the colleges in question. From this, you’ll receive titbits of information and facts not included on most tours. You’re no more than a 15-minute walk away from Clayton Hotel Cambridge, so it’s not far to go for some real historical insight.

Moreover, you’ll get to visit local landmarks like Great St Mary’s Church and The Eagle Pub, all the while hearing about the 800 years of history that makes Cambridge University one of the most lauded and respected educational institutes in the world.

If you prefer to go it alone, we’ve picked our top Cambridge walks so you don’t miss out on what the city has to offer.

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