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If you’re a thrill seeker visiting Cambridge and want to find a new way to make those goosebumps stand up, then why not try the Cambridge Ghost Tour. Clayton Hotel Cambridge guests with an interest in the occult will be more than satisfied with the stories on offer on the tour. And it’s not surprising that Cambridge has such a history of hauntings, with its history spanning back to the 13th century when the University of Cambridge was first established.

The Cambridge Ghost Tour

Run by professional blue and Green badge holders, the Cambridge Ghost Walk lets you spend an hour walking around the scenic city and finding out about the spooky tales and ghostly goings on of the city. What’s more, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon and to get to know the lesser known yet stunningly beautiful streets of the city. The tours run from September whilst Private tours can be booed all year round by email or phone contact.

Black Shuck Cambridge Ghost Tour

The Black Shuck Ghost Tour is an alternative to the council run tour. The Black Shuck Tour is run by professional actors and occult enthusiasts who will take you on a dramatic, creepy and entertaining tour of some of Cambridge’s ghost sites. This one is great for cynics and believers alike, the group having met as a theatre company recreating seventeenth century plays, so even if you don’t believe in ghosts you will be thoroughly entertained by these professional entertainers who have had runs at theatre festivals across England.

The infamous Black Shuck comes from Cambridge legend and was allegedly the inspiration for Sherlock Homes The Hound of the Baskerville’s. The East Anglian Demon Dog itself is thought to be large with glowing red eyes and shaggy black fur. It has been spotted throughout the centuries and legend has it being a harbinger of death. The dog has been sighted across wicks and fens in East Anglia as well as roads just outside of Cambridge, often appearing during tempestuous storms.

Other Ghost legends

The Christ College Ghost is a male figure who has been spotted circling a tree and the sites swimming pool. Legend has it that this ghost haunts the area due to his murdering his lovers other boyfriend, the only person who could save her life. Christopher Rudd is thought to haunt the area on the anniversary of his girlfriend’s death and is thought to be an elderly man wearing a beaver hat.

Corpus Christi College has had a ghost haunt the area all the way back to 1904, where people report seeing a figure with long hair, dressed in white and a gash around his neck. The ghost is thought to be of Dr Butts who was found hanging in his room at the college on Easter Sunday.

Cambridge’s Newmarket Road has a slightly less creepy haunting. Many passers-by have said they have seen the spectre of a penguin on the road, scaring spectators not with its creepiness, but with its waddle!

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