Top Places for Walks in Cambridge

There are many reasons why so many people choose to visit Cambridge – to see the esteemed University and its plethora of educational institutions, to soak up the history, to gaze at the stunning buildings or even to go punting on the river Cam.

A weekend of walking is not the first thing that might spring to mind when heading to this city, however, with many scenic walks around Cambridge to choose from there is plenty to discover when exploring the area on foot. With so many wonderful places to stay in Cambridge, a weekend of walking can easily be coupled with some luxury and relaxation to ensure your feet leave well-rested, even after taking many steps across the city throughout your stay there!

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After you’ve booked your room at Clayton Hotel Cambridge to recuperate after a long day’s exploring, here are some of the top walks to take around Cambridge.

1.    Ramblers Routes – Colleges and the Backs in Cambridge

Walking time: 2 hours
Length: 3.1 miles

If you want to take in the wonderful sights that Cambridge has to offer without missing out a single one, this walk, run by leading route planning organisation the Ramblers, is simply perfect. All 13 of the stunning educational buildings are seen on this walk, as well as famous and lesser known churches, museums, historic passages and the beautiful Backs area, located by the river Cam. Every walking tour requires proper refreshments and there is certainly no shortage of these on this trail – most notable is the Fitzbillies cake shop, which has been open and serving up its much-loved sticky Chelsea bun since the 1920s. It would be rude not to sample this classic cake to keep your strength up before proceeding with your hike.

2.    Cambridge City Trail – iFootpath

Walking time: 2 – 3 hours
Length: 4 miles

This flat walk is perfect for those that are looking for a little guidance while strolling round the city. The even terrain with very few hills or steps to tackle makes it a simple walk, as well as one that is suitable for pushchairs– perfect for the whole family. Starting from Castle Street, this is a circular tour that will show you the many parks and open spaces, museums and architecture that exist in our beautiful city. Walkers are encouraged to make an extended stop at any waypoint that captures their imagination.

3.    Cambridge City Centre Sculpture Trails – Walking in Cambridgeshire

Walking time: 4 hours

If you like to unearth each city’s hidden creative gems, this sculpture trail will introduce you to 30 pieces of public art located around Cambridge. It takes four hours to complete, so will easily keep you entertained for the whole day – remember to pack your comfy shoes! Sights such as the Doors of the Guildhall by Lawrence Bradshaw, Ex Libris by Harry Gray and Jester by Wendy Taylor can be spotted on this sculptural stroll, with many more waiting to be discovered.

If you like the sound of any of these trials, there are many wonderful places to stay in Cambridge to choose from to make your walking weekend one to remember including the Clayton Hotel Cambridge with it’s ideal location. What hidden gems will you uncover when walking around Cambridge?

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