The Ultimate Packing Guide for A Week in Cambridge

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your hotel or getting half way there and realising you have forgotten to pack something important. If this has ever happened to you, our packing checklist will help.

For the most part, we can always help you out with anything you forget to bring but here are a few essentials to help make sure you’re not caught short when you arrive.


Although we offer a wide range of complimentary toiletries to ensure you stay feeling clean and refreshed during your time in Cambridge, it’s always a good idea to pack a washbag. This will usually include things like toothbrushes, hair combs and any specially required things like sensitive shampoo or moisturiser.

Walking shoes

Cambridge is known for its beautiful rural scenery and you won’t want to miss out on exploring the local fields, hills and forests to discover the beauty of the area. While you won’t have to climb any mountains, you will want to make sure that you pack some sensible footwear so your feet stay comfortable and you don’t have to ruin your favourite pair of designer shoes.

Coats and brollies

Unfortunately, the British weather is prone to changing quite unexpectedly even during the summer months. If you want to enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Cambridge without risking getting wet, be sure to pack a waterproof coat and an umbrella just in case the clouds do decide to appear. If you’re travelling with kids, don’t forget to pack their coats and wellies too.

Sun cream

Hopefully, the sun will stay out for the entire duration of your trip to Clayton Hotel Cambridge so you can spend more time outdoors relaxing in the sunshine. Although we don’t get a lot of high UV sun in Britain, it can sometimes be quite strong so it’s important to pack your sun cream if you plan on being outside a lot during your stay at our Cambridge accommodation.


When you arrive in Cambridge, you’ll soon realise that there is a lot to see and plenty of exciting landmarks to discover. You’ll never forget your time in the city but if you want to share your memories with your friends and loved ones, be sure to bring your camera along so you can snap some shots of the famous university buildings and the gorgeous scenery.

Map app

This one won’t exactly take up much space in your suitcase but if you’re planning to venture out of the city and explore, a mobile map app on your phone can come in very handy. Apps like Google Maps will help you find your way back to Clayton Hotel Cambridge and ensure you never get lost. It will also make it easier to find all of the best attractions and landmarks around the city.

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