Secret Romantic Places to Watch Sunrise and Sunset in Cambridge

A romantic getaway is all about making memories. Cambridge is a great place to do this because it offers stunning, ancient surroundings, amazing history and some amazing food and drink to boot.

However, there are also certain places around Cambridge that make for the perfect place to take in the setting and rising of the sun. Handily, most are within easy reaching distance of your room at Clayton Hotel Cambridge. So, if you’re motivated to get up early enough for sunrise, or romantic enough to seek out the best locales for sunset, read on.


Ely Cathedral

With its origins stretching back to the 7th century, Ely Cathedral is a beautiful, mysterious and captivating place at any time of day. At sunrise, however, it becomes something unforgettable. Awesome in scale and design, Ely Cathedral is a Romanesque architectural wonder. It’s a very dramatic and overawing building, and the perfect backdrop for a stunning sunrise. As morning dawns, the area feels very old-world, as if you have taken a step back in time. In the peaceful surroundings, you can hear nothing except for the waking birds and get a full, unobstructed view of the rising sun. What could be better?

Only a half-hour journey from the sites of our many Cambridge Hotel deals, it’s the perfect venue for a romantic sunrise.

Wandlebury Country Park

If it’s an open green space you’re seeking for sunset, Wandlebury Country Park is the place. Only a short hop from Clayton Hotel Cambridge, it’s the ideal place to take a little late dinner and watch the day draw to a close.

Covering woodland, wildflower meadows and eight miles of country trails, you’ll be able to find the perfect, secluded spot for a romantic sunset. The site is also home to the remains of an Iron Age hillfort, giving the area a very unique, ancient feel. There are few better places in Cambridge to watch the sun set, before retiring to your room, secured through our many Cambridge hotel deals.

The Bridge of Sighs

Built in 1831 and connecting two courts at St John’s College, the Bridge of Sighs is a small, sequestered place and a wonderful place to watch the setting sun.

Ornate and named after its Venetian predecessor, the bridge offers an amazing view in both directions down the river, with trees and flowers adorning the immediate area. Like much of Cambridge, it feels like another time and place than the present, making it the ideal spot to seal yourself off from the rest of the world and simply enjoy your partner’s company.

Anglesey Abbey

An aristocratic home to the Broughton family since the 1920s, Anglesey Abbey is a British country house in the finest sense of the word – and a wonderful place to watch sunset.

Just a 20-minute drive from your Cambridge rooms, Anglesey Abbey is home to some stunning gardens and a slice of nostalgia for those seeking an outlet from the city. Sitting in the beautiful grounds as summer sets is a real treat, and the perfect place for a romantic, unforgettable experience.

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