Romantic Summer Date Ideas in Cambridge

One of the best things about summer is that we get to enjoy more of the day, with early, glorious sunrises and late, golden sunsets. There’s nothing quite as romantic as a summer evening, spent with the one you love. Cambridge, happily enough, has a number of different places to experience the best summer has to offer, with beautiful environs sure to create lasting memories for happy couples.

For your room at Clayton Hotel Cambridge, you’re within easy distance of the places you need for a beautiful summer date. So, let’s dive in.

Cambridge Backs Walk

Known locally as ‘The Backs’, this circular walk takes you alongside many of the most famous colleges of Cambridge University, which all back up onto the River Cam – hence the name.

The walk takes in stunning architecture, glorious nature and you’ll regularly see couples and groups as they slowly move past on their punting excursions. It’s akin to a walkabout the Venice waterways, but instead, you move through some of the most beautiful parts of Cambridge. Your first move is past Downing College – the ‘newest of the old colleges’ – founded in 1800. From there, you’ll see the truly beautiful Queens’ College, which has been in place since 1448. You’ll then Move toward King’s College, which is regarded as one of the greatest surviving examples of late Gothic English architecture in the world.

It’s a beautiful walk and truly romantic as the sun is setting. It’s the ideal spot to explore after an indulgent spot of afternoon tea at Clayton Hotel Cambridge.

Night Time Punting

Cambridge has some of the finest waterways in Britain, so what could be better than exploring them? Exploring them at night on a romantic punt cruise, that’s what.

Cambridge Punting Tours offers just that. If you want to see and experience the River Cam and everything it has to offer, you can take an hour-long night-time trip on a relaxing, lazy punt. If you want a little more privacy, you can also engage a private punt for an hour’s journey, with just you, your loved one and a guide onboard.

The tour covers all of the major Cambridge waterway landmarks, with your guide as engaged or as quiet as you want them to be. You get to see the city lights come to life, with nothing in the world to worry about. It really is a truly blissful experience. The departure point of King’s Parade is less than 10-minutes from our Cambridge accommodation, so it’s not far to go for a unique, romantic experience.

Midsummer House Restaurant

A hidden gem, Midsummer House, at first glance, may appear like a very nice house. But inside is a twice Michelin starred restaurant and low-key, lovely surroundings.

Known by locals as one of the very best restaurants in the city, it’s the unique setting and atmosphere that make Midsummer House the perfect place for a romantic evening. Even better, it’s only 15-minutes from Clayton Hotel Cambridge.

The service and food are beyond reproach, with a varied and well-considered menu on offer. It’s a great place because of the food, but also because of the tasteful décor and the healthy wine list on offer. Do yourself a favour and book a table – you won’t regret it.

Botanic Gardens

When the weather is nice, the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens are a lovely place to while away a few hours.

The central location makes it easy to go for a quick wander before a movie. It’s also just a stone’s throw away from the leisure centre and train station.

Clip n climb

Nothing spells out true love quite like a rush of adrenaline. Head over to the clip and climb and watch your relationship soar to new heights. Get strapped in and race each other to the top, and feel yourself fall head over heels (in love that is, not off the wall).

Clip ‘n’ Climb also makes a great date for parents because the kids can get involved too.

Milton Driving Range

Fancy being a swinger for the evening?

If you want a hands-on activity to set your relationship off to a good start, then this could be the activity for you. The driving range is open until 9.30 pm so you can even swing by after work.


A little bit more lively than the Hidden Rooms, Baroosh makes the perfect date venue for any cosmo drinking Sex and the City aficionado. Cool and quirky with loads of places to sit and chat, you can sip on a cocktail and even dance the night away- should you so desire.


A night at the flicks is the oldest trick in the book, and it’s cliché for a reason. Not ideal for a first date, but it’s a great way to spend time with each other. If you’re really clued up, then you’ll go to the Vue and spend the night snuggling in one of those oh-so-comfy reclining chairs.

Hidden Rooms

The Hidden Rooms is a great place for a date. With dim lighting, plush seats, and plenty of gin and tonic, you’ll be able to enjoy a sophisticated drink and some good conversation at this swanky hidden venue. If your date is musical then you’d be happy to know that hidden rooms also host a number of jazz evenings.

Ten Pin Bowling

If it’s a fun date you’re looking for, then bowling is a fantastic idea. Go head to head in the ultimate battle of the sexes and if it’s going well… the loser buys dinner. There are plenty of restaurants at the leisure park.

Institute of Astronomy

What could be better for star-crossed lovers than a trip to the Institute of Astronomy? You’ve probably already checked their horoscope, so now go and see for yourself if love is written in the stars. Head up to the observatory and enjoy the views of the night sky. Between that and the romantic setting, you’ll enjoy a date that is out of this world.

Six Panoramic Bar and Brasserie

It’s the most luxurious venue in town. With panoramic views of the city and its beautiful architecture, your date will be left feeling thoroughly wined and dined after a night out here. With a fantastic menu and some of the most delicious cocktails going, you’ll definitely leave feeling special.

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