Look At The Famous Alumni Of Cambridge University

As the second-oldest university in Britain and the fourth oldest in the world, the University of Cambridge has been a place of enlightenment for some of history’s greatest minds, most famous faces and the famous alumni of Cambridge University.

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Oliver Cromwell

This particular student helps to put in perspective just how old the University of Cambridge is. The leader of the round-heads and fighter against King Charles I in the English Civil War was a student at the university from 1613 until his graduation in 1617. Before leading a political revolt that would separate the nation and change the fate of Britain forever, Oliver Cromwell spent his afternoons reading literature, developing his political beliefs and learning the skills that would later influence his revolutionary military tactics.

Charles Darwin

200 years after the graduation of Cromwell, one of the most influential scientists in history stepped through the doors of Cambridge University and began his journey into the world of scientific discovery. Known globally for his work on evolution, Charles Darwin revolutionised the way we look at the world and science. He played a pivotal part in the development of modern science. The research he carried out right around the corner from Clayton Hotel Cambridge is still revered by scientists today.

Sir David Attenborough

Well known for his incredible work within the broadcast industry, David Attenborough has one of the most iconic voices in the world of modern media. The world-famous naturalist stepped into the Clare College at the University of Cambridge in 1947 and spent his days learning vast amounts of knowledge that he would later share with audiences around the world. Some of his most renowned works include nature documentaries such as Blue Planet and Planet Earth, in which he takes viewers on a journey around the world and through time to look at the wonders that can be discovered everywhere.

Stephen Hawking

As one of the leading minds in the field of theoretical physics, Stephen Hawking has developed theories and concepts that have changed science forever. The young prodigy began studying at Cambridge in 1965 and despite being struck with ALS, managed to graduate before going on to amaze the world and become one of the most recognised and revered academics in history. Hawking has also become a recognised celebrity in his own right, appearing on numerous TV shows and being portrayed in a recent film about his life.

Prince Charles of Wales

The current heir to the throne of England was the first heir apparent to gain a university degree. As a young man, he walked the halls of Cambridge University and carried out studies in the fields of archaeology, anthropology and history. After three years of study, the prince graduate with a 2:2 and went on to carry out his royal duties and engage in philanthropic work around the world.

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