History on the Water: The Best Historical Punting Tours in Cambridge

If there are two things that Cambridge has, it’s history and punting. There are few places in the country where you can learn about a city’s storied past and relax as you move along a leafy, serene river. Combining the history of Cambridge with a punting tour is the perfect way to learn about the city and see the sights all at once.

So, if you’ve got an urge to get out on the water and take in some history, read on for the best historical punting tours in Cambridge.

Scudamore’s Punting

Founded all the way back in 1905, Scudamore’s Punting Tours offer a great way to see the College Backs and take in some interesting nuggets of local history along the way. And, even better, you don’t have far to go from Clayton Hotel Cambridge to grab a seat.

Boating the most extensive selection of punting boats for hire in Cambridge, Scudamore’s is a well-known and trusted punting provider. But the experience goes beyond simple experience, as your punter will have a good knowledge of Cambridge and college history, filling you in on everything you need to know. The 12-seater punts are roomy, and tours last for about 45-minutes. Punting offers a unique way to see history from another perspective and Scudamore’s Punting gives a trusted, comprehensive insight into the famed College Backs.

Traditional Punting Company

Offering a range of punting options, the Traditional Punting Company is another very well-regarded punting provider, giving insightful tours of different areas along Cambridge’s waterways.

The Traditional Punting Company go to great lengths to ensure their guides are local and well-informed. And, better yet, there are several departure points to choose from, so you’re never far from your punt when staying at one of our hotels in Cambridge UK.

When you choose the Traditional Punting Company for your tour, you’re not just getting a friendly, expert chauffeur; you’re also getting someone who knows the local waterways inside and out. Exploring the many colleges and eight overarching bridges of the university waterways, you’ll learn about the famous former students of the colleges and everything else you could ever need to know.

Scholars Punting Co.

If you want to go deep into the history of Cambridge and hear from an expert source, you can’t go wrong with Scholars Punting Co.

As the name suggests, this company puts you in the company of an expert – Punters are usually current or ex Cambridge students – who can provide all the insight and detail you need to learn about the storied history of Cambridge. With departure points only a short trip from Clayton Hotel Cambridge, you won’t want to miss this in-depth and entertaining historical tour. The tour takes you beside seven of the most famous Cambridge colleges and along the glorious River Cam, with your guide on hand to offer as much rich insight as you want. You get to relax, learn about the history of Cambridge and someone else does all the hard work – what could be better than that?

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