Famous People From Cambridge

The historic city of Cambridge has been home to many famous residents over the years, from those born and bred in the city to those that fleetingly passed through the iconic university. The list is expansive and accomplished. From Nobel Prize winning scientists to famous actors from Cambridge, this beautiful location has attracted the talented in their droves. Here are some of the Cambridge’s Most Famous Residents.

Stephen Hawking

No list of notable Cambridge residents would be complete without Stephen Hawking. The world renowned theoretical physicist, widely recognised for this book, A Brief History of Time, began working as a graduate at Cambridge in the 1960s. He is the founder and current director of the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology within the university.

Hugh Laurie

Having recently graced our screen in the award winning, The Night Manager series, celebrated actor Hugh Laurie called Cambridge his home while studying at the beautiful Selwyn College. He even competed in the iconic Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race.

Emma Thompson

Educated at Newnham College, University of Cambridge, where she was part of the theatrical group, Emma Thompson is well deserving of a spot on the list of Cambridge’s most famous residents. As a highly acclaimed and Academy Award winning actress, Emma’s featured in a host of films that have become modern and cult classics, including Love Actually and Saving Mr Banks.

Stephen Fry

English comedian, actor, writer and presenter Stephen Fry is a national treasure. Securing a scholarship for Queens’ College, Cambridge, meant the city was home as he studied English literature. He was even part of the drama group, Footlights and met future acclaimed actor, Hugh Laurie there.

Charles Darwin

Known for his contributions to the science of evolution, it was actually at Cambridge that celebrated biologist, Charles Darwin was encouraged to pursue his passion for natural science. You can find a statue of Darwin in the grounds of Christ’s College depicting the celebrated scientist as a student.

Richard Attenborough

Actor and filmmaker, Richard Attenborough is best known for his role in the film, Jurassic Park. Born in Cambridge in 1923, he later played a role in the Second World War in the Royal Air Force before building up his stellar acting career. Richard’s talents don’t just lie on screen though he’s often recognised for his prowess behind the camera too.

Ian McKellen

Another renowned English actor to hail from the University of Cambridge. With work spanning from Shakespearean plays to the popular Lord of the Rings franchise, Ian McKellen has enjoyed an extensive career and picked up numerous awards for his talents. As part of Cambridge’s famous Marlowe Society, he featured in 23 plays.

Alan Turing

Recognised for his role in the Second World War as a codebreaker, computer scientist, mathematician and cryptanalyst, Alan Turing studied at Cambridge. Recently portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch in the acclaimed film, The Imitation Game, there’s also a plaque fixed in King’s College to commemorate his pioneering work.

Olivia Newton John

Grease is the word in Cambridge, the birth place of actress, Olivia Newton John who played the iconic role of Sandy in the film. Despite emigrating to Australia while still a child, she spent some of her formative years among the stunning buildings of Cambridge.

Jeremy Irvine

Known for his roles in Great Expectations, War Horse, and Now is Good, Jeremy Irvine was born and raised in Cambridgeshire. The budding actor has already secured an impressive range of roles and is set to become one of the recognised actors that have called Cambridge their home.

Over the year’s many famous actors from Cambridge have made the city their long time home. It’s not just the performing arts that flock to the city though, the long list of notable residents also includes a wealth of scientists and other significant individuals.

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