Cambridge Juice Company

When it comes to nutrition, nothing can replace whole fruits. But the next best thing is their juice (in moderation). At Clayton Hotel Cambridge, we love to work with local suppliers so for our fresh juices served in the morning and throughout the day, we chose Cambridge Juice Company.

Cambridge Juice Company was established in May 2000. The owner Matt Gray was finding it difficult to get a hold of some nice juices in his home town of Cambridge. He decided to source some quality juice products with the aim of selling them to the many sandwich bars, quirky cafes and licensed bars that were opening up in Cambridge. From that moment, he knew he wanted to sell premium soft drinks and juices and wherever possible use local companies.

Cambridge Juice Company have all kinds of fruit juices to choose from including apple, orange, raspberry, mango, cranberry, tomato and many more. There is no added sugar, all of the fruits are locally grown, picked, pressed and bottled. Their juices are not from concentrate and have no preservatives. Even the apples are allowed to properly ripen on the tree before being picking to ensure that they develop their full flavour. Cambridge Juice Company don’t ever freeze the juices or add water and any sugar to them. Their motto, why spoil something so naturally tasty?


So how do they make their juices? Very similar to how we would at home, but on a slightly larger scale. They have some very large squeezers, but the method is pretty much the same. Cambridge Juice Company do all the hard and very messy work so we can sit back, relax and enjoy the juice. There is no compromise on taste, all the juices are full of zesty freshness and bursting with Vitamins.

Over a period of time Cambridge Juice Company (based in Shepreth, Royston) expanded and built good customer relations with many of the independents, even more so with the Colleges of Cambridge University. And of course, Clayton Hotel Cambridge.

So next time you are passing Clayton Hotel Cambridge, come in and have some time out in the Garden Room or Brasserie and enjoy a nice cold, fresh juice in support of our local Cambridge Juice Company. See you soon.

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