A Guide to Cambridge International Airport

Cambridge International Airport can be found just 1.5 miles away from Cambridge city, ideal for visitors who want to fly in and immediately find their way to their hotel before setting out on their journey of exploring Cambridge.

The airport is no longer used for general passengers, but has recently turned its attention to VIP business travel. If you are a company based in Cambridge or planning a conference at a venue such as Clayton Hotel Cambridge, consider going the extra mile and having your guests flown in to start their trip off right.

Finding accommodation in Cambridge can be hard when you’re considering a business conference or meeting, purely because so many of the hotels are geared at travellers who are there for pleasure and do not have the same business needs as you.

The staff at Cambridge International Airport offer the airline equivalent of the services available at Clayton Hotel Cambridge; luxury and VIP are the watchwords they work by. They provide an exclusive concierge service to their passengers, as well as providing chauffeur-driven vehicles.

The operators are also based in Oxford, Birmingham and Broughton, and at Cambridge they offer fast-track check in, security and boarding for VIP chartered passengers. They also provide flying lessons, which is a perk that many clients, customers or partners would be only too happy to receive.

If you’re flying important clients or partners in for meetings around the UK or from abroad, consider setting your meetings in Cambridge. Not only does the city have a ring of excellence to it because of the incredible standards met here academically, it has the Clayton Hotel Cambridge. We truly understand the importance of your business. You won’t have to look for further accommodation in Cambridge, because here at the Clayton, we’re well versed in the needs of business travel.

We provide comfortable and quiet rooms where people can work. A section of the hotel, the Library, is also set aside for quiet working or a nightcap after a successful deal has been agreed.

We’re also based in one of the loveliest cities in the world, where cars are virtually banned from the centre of town, making every trip to the city centre something to be treasured because of how quiet and quaint it is. It’s also better for working and thinking, rather than staying in a busy city such as London—although there’s plenty going on there, it can’t hold a candle to the relaxed way of life that Cambridge encourages. While you can get to sleep easily whether you’re in a Fresher, Scholar or Dean room at Clayton, there’s always the danger of a car backfiring and waking you or your clients in the middle of the night in London—not conducive to good business the next day!

If you’re looking for the perfect place to conduct business the VIP way, flying in to Cambridge International Airport adds a definitive taste of boutique luxury. It’s a short drive from there to the Clayton, with excellent transport links to other towns and cities.

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