5 tips for the perfect night's sleep at Clayton Hotel Cambridge

It can be tough when you’re in a new bed for the night, even if the bed is made with fresh, crisp sheets and the décor has been especially selected to give the rooms soft charm and character.

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Thankfully, Cambridge isn’t known as a big party city—although students at the university do party, the top student nightclub (Ballare, known as ‘Cindies’ for reasons lost to the sands of time) is a long way away from Clayton Hotel Cambridge.

1. Make sure you’re ready for bed

Finding things to do in Cambridge shouldn’t be difficult, as it’s a city bursting with imagination and culture. With biking being the main way to get around, you can easily tire yourself out if you’ve been cycling all over the city to see the best architecture and take some incredible photos. Or take advantage of the hotel facilities and use the fitness facilities to make sure you’re ready for bed.

2. Have a small nightcap

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You might not have chosen your hotel by finding out which had the nicest bar—more likely you looked up ‘accommodation Cambridge’ and did your research that way—but a small nip of alcohol just before bed can mellow out the mind. Try one of Clayton’s signature cocktails or have a glass of wine whilst sitting in The Library, one of the more intimate rooms in the hotel.

3. Set an alarm for the next day

As the Clayton’s windows have all been treated with soundproofing material, it’s unlikely you’ll be woken by outside noise. However, for people who are nervous that they’ll sleep too long, an alarm can help. Even if you don’t have to be up for a particular time, setting an alarm means that you won’t sleep in and miss the best part of the day ahead—whether that means you have more time shopping, visiting city attractions, or walking in nature.

4. Plan out your trip

Your brain might be busy trying to make sure it remembers everything you have to do, which it remembers automatically at home because you’re in a familiar environment. Thoughts buzzing around in your head can easily keep you awake, so keep a notebook by your bed and just before you nod off, write down everything you have to remember for the next few days. This means that you’ll wake up with a clear list of things to remember to do, and that you can sleep easy knowing that you haven’t forgotten anything.

5. Tell your friends and family your room number

That way, if there’s an emergency, they can reach you. Because the best way to sleep well—whether you’re in a hotel in the UK or a villa in Spain—is to turn off your technology. The blue light that backlights your devices can all too easily tell your brain that it’s time to wake up and do things, which is the last thing that you need in an unfamiliar room—even if it does have an incredibly comfortable bed in it.

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